John Dalton

A photo of the great scientist, John Dalton

Where/when was he born and when did he die?
John Dalton was born on September 6, 1766 into a Quaker family in Eaglesfield in Cumberland, England and died on July 27, 1844.

What country did he live and work in?John Dalton lived and worked in England as a teacher and public lecturer. What area of science did he study?John Dalton was seriously interested in meteorology for the longest time. He published Meteorological Observations which was daily weather observations. He did these observations from 1787 until he died in 1844. His serious interest in meteorology led him to his view of atomism. 
A brief history of his life:
Between his life and his death, John Dalton made his living as a teacher and public lecturer. He began teaching when he was 12. He taught for 10 years at a Quaker boarding school in Kendal, and then he moved on to a teaching position at the city of Manchester. Once he got into atomism, he calculated atomic weights and came up with his Atomic Theory.

What contribution did he make too the atomic model and our understanding of atoms?
His atomic theory said that elements consisted of tiny particles called atoms. It states an element is one of a kind (aka pure) because all atoms of an element are identical. All the atoms that make up the element have the same mass. All elements are different from each other due to differing masses. A compound is a pure (one of a kind) substance due to different
A photo of John Dalton's atomic model
elements bonded together. They are not easily separated from one another. Compounds have a fixed ratio of atoms. Each atom has its own characteristic weight, creating a weight ratio between elements. Also, his theory said that chemical reactions involve the rearrangement of combinations of atoms. His atomic theory stated the general information on the atom. Everything is made of atoms. All atoms of different substances have different weights.


  • When John Dalton died, 40,000 people attended his funeral procession.
  • He discovered color blindness, and still today it is sometimes referred to as "Daltonism".
  • He was afflicted with color blindness.

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