Murray Gell-Mann


Murray Gell-Mann is important to the history of the atom. He showed scientists what makes up protons and neutrons, quarks. He was born on September 15, 1929, and he is alive, currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Murray lived throughout the United States spending most of his life studying theory of complex adaptive systems. Murray went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology an
This shows what all atoms are made up of
d obtained a PhD. He then used his knowledge to teach at the
University of New Mexico and the University of Chicago. He is married to Margaret Dow and has two kids. Because of his discovery he earned the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1969.

With little being know of the atom, Murray Gell-Mann’s discovery of the quark made quite the impact. A quark is a fast moving point of energy and every proton and neutron contains three. There are two types of quarks within the neutron and proton, up quarks and down quarks. The up quarks have a positive charge of 2/3 and down quarks obtain a charge of negative 1/3. The charge of the quarks makes up the electrical charge of the nucleus. Protons contain two up quarks and one down quark, while neutrons contain two down quarks and one up quark. This makes neutrons have its negative charge, because it has more down quarks than up quarks. Making up all visible matter, the knowledge of the quark will help future scientists in their studies. Now, scientists know the building blocks of what made up the universe, and can use that knowledge to deeper understand the beginning of time.

The Quark: Quick Facts
  • The quark makes up the neutrons and protons in the nuclueus
  • It can never be isolated
  • There are up quarks and down quarks
  • They are 10-15mm in size

This shows that the quark makes up the protons in the nucleus.

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